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          Thanks to Yongzhou's unique natural conditions, Yongzhou Lingling Pharmaceutical Factory, the predecessor of Hunan Times Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was born in 1969. After the restructuring in 2002, it has developed into a modern pharmaceutical enterprise with the production of traditional Chinese medicine as the main part. The Sunshine Man of the Times has fully exploited Yongzhou's abundant medicinal material resources, fostered three national exclusive varieties, 25 national essential medicines and medical insurance catalogue varieties, and has 55 national drug production approvals, forming a series of major characteristic products, such as clearing heat and detoxification, dispelling exterior and dampness, tonifying blood and regulating menstruation, soothing liver and depression, etc. Eight products, including oral liquid, tablets, tinctures and granules, have passed the new national version of G. MP-certified automatic Chinese patent medicine production line.
        The Sunshine Pharmaceutical Industry of the times started from the purchasing link, strictly selected suppliers, and followed the standard of "harvesting at the best harvesting time from the main producing area of medicinal materials". According to the legal production process strictly, the products are manufactured according to the internal control quality standards higher than the national legal standards. Continuous quality assurance, the company has nurtured a number of well-known products, such as Houyanqing Oral Liquid (Granules), Xiaoer Fupi Granules, Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, Donkey Gum Buxue Granules, Compound Danshen Tablets.  Houyanqing Oral Liquid is a national medical insurance product and a national exclusive product. Xiaoer Fupi Granule is a national exclusive product. Huoxiang Zhengqi Water has won the first rank in the quality evaluation of the same product in China.
        The Sunshine Pharmaceutical Industry of the times is based on innovation-driven development, and takes independent innovation and talent cultivation as the strategic basis of enterprise development. In 2009, the company was awarded the national high-tech enterprise. In 2012, "Time Sunshine" won the title of China's well-known trademark. In 2017, it won the first Yongzhou Mayor's Quality Award. Through the combination of production, teaching and research, the company has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Yang Hongjun, former vice-director of the institute, has been appointed as the chief scientist of the Sunshine Pharmaceutical Industry of the Times, leading the scientific research team to explore the scientific value and clinical value of the company's listed superior varieties. At the same time, digestive, antiviral and psychotropic drugs are also ready to be developed.
        Sunshine Pharmaceutical Industry has always adhered to the brand idea of "real materials, sunshine medicine", committed to providing more safe and effective products for patients, and made unremitting efforts to inherit traditional Chinese medicine culture and practice "healthy China"
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