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        Houyanqing Oral Liquid

        Houyanqing Oral Liquid (Granules)
        [Ingredients] Achyranthes bidentata, Malan grass, Plantago, Tianming Jing. The excipient is sucrose.
        [Character] This product is a brown liquid. It tastes sweet, bitter and refreshing.
        [Functional Indications] Clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving pain and relieving throat. It is used for pharyngeal swelling and pain, fever, thirst, constipation, tonsillitis and acute pharyngitis caused by excessive heat of the lung and stomach.
        [Usage and dosage] Oral administration. 10-20 ml once, three times a day.
        [Specification] 10 ml per branch
        [Storage] Sealed in a cool place.
        [Packaging] Control oral liquid bottles, 10 bottles/boxes, 6 bottles/boxes.
        [Validity] 24 months.

        Houyanqing Oral Liquid
        National Medical Insurance Catalogue of Exclusive Products
        Ingredients: Achyranthes bidentata, Malan grass, Plantago, Tianming Jingjie.
        Character: This product is a brown liquid; it tastes sweet, slightly bitter and has a cool feeling.
        Functional Indications: Clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving pain and relieving throat. It is used for pharyngeal swelling, sore throat, fever, thirst and constipation caused by excessive fever of the lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis and acute pharyngitis are the symptoms mentioned above.
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        • Achyranthes bidentata

          Herbal Medicine: Achyranthes bidentata Efficacy: Promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, diverting water and drenching water, and setting fire down to lower the fire of ascending inflammation

        • Malania

          Official Medicine: Malania Efficacy: Diuresis and drenching, dampness and diarrhea, eyesight and expectoration

        • Plantago

          Adjuvant: plantain Efficacy: Clear heat and detoxify, disperse blood stasis and stop bleeding, diffuse dampness

        • Name of Heaven

          Auxiliary medicine: Tianming Jing Efficacy: Hemostasis, diuresis, phlegm-resolving, heat-clearing and detoxification

        Achyranthes bidentata, Malan grass, plantain grass and Tianming Jing are four medicinal herbs which have never appeared in the prescriptions of pharynx and larynx drugs listed so far. Houyanqing Oral Liquid, originated from the folk prescription, was officially launched in 1995 and is the first batch of new Chinese patent medicine products in Hunan Province. The taste of the product overturned the stereotype of 'bitter taste' of traditional Chinese medicine. It tasted sweet, slightly bitter and had a cool taste. At the same time, it also made up for the blank of pharynx and throat medication in Hunan Province at that time. It has a unique therapeutic effect on acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis. In 2016, Houyanqing Oral Liquid was selected as the National Textbook 'Otolaryngology Discipline of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine'.
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